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My Portfolio

Below are some of the creative works I am currently working on as well as ones I have done in the past

Web Design

This is my latest web
design and testimonial:

Mark did a tremendous
job building my website.
Excellent work ethics,
on time, produced as
he said he would, and
very personable. My
profession is a
Building Contractor, so many people I work with just don't come through with what they say they will do, or don't have the skills they say they have. This is not the case with Mark, I highly recommend Mark.
Robert Nishimura

Vehicle Shoots

For five years I had my
own vehicle photography
site as a side business.
I had the chance to
shoot some of the
hottest vehicles in
Southern California
and provide content for
several online magazines
and a nationally distributed

Photoshop RenderingsHome_Image_01.jpgHome_Image_05.jpg

Photoshop Renderings

These are 11
renderings I did
over a one year
period with a
previous employer. And one rendering I did for my Uncle in New Jersey.
About Me
Land Cruiser
Mark & Maria