My Past Rides
My first ride was an 82 Supra that my Dad bough brand new. It was Red with Black Trim pieces. It was passed down to my Sister and then Me. I am still trying to find a picture to scan and will post it up once I find it. I moved to San Diego with a $800 beater Honda and went on a search for another Supra. I found an 87' Turbo with a Targa Top that was a lot of fun for two years. I got nervous that it was burning a quart of oil between oil changes so I decided now that I had a real job I would buy my first brand new car. Well I switched at the last moment from a used Honda Accord to a brand new Chevy S-10. I kept this truck for five years modifying it for the Mini Truck Scene but never put things together to put air bags on it. But since I couldn't save up the money to buy a second vehicle a 4x4 I decided to sell it too and then I bought the greatest Vehicle I have ever driven, the Toyota Land Cruiser.